I have been working for the past twelve years in various fields of the computer world, began my career as a faculty member, then a flash and web designer before working on multimedia films with an advertising agency. Currently am working with an IT Development company where I am involved with 3D data visualization (OpenGL), GPU programming(CG), Information Architecture and a little bit in embedded systems design.

OpenGL, CG, C++

My Current assignment and line of work involves working in OpenGL using C++, along with this using the GPU to perfrom quick calculations (GPGPU) is another part of the job. Presenting huge amount of data in visual form and in lightining speed currently gives me kicks.

I plan to put up a few tutorials and demos in the future on this website to showcase my skills in this feild.

Macromedia Flash

I’ve had been working with Macromedia Flash for the about 6 years. In these years I developed a few games and mainly used it for developing presentations and some elearning material. As the work I was doing mainly required me to put down concepts I prefered Flash as the medium to present it.

Adobe Photoshop & Corel Draw

Photoshop and Coreldraw where one of the first graphical applications I worked on.I currently use them extensively for developing textures for my graphical applications and also for photo post processing.

3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max is one of my favorite applications. Infinite possibilites that this application provides is amazing. I started working with 3D Studio R3 and then when Max was released shifted to it. Then I used to mainly do 3d simulations and a few Special effects. Now I use it mainly for modelling stuff I need for my OpenGL Projects.