I… Me.. Myself…Well… here goes -

As the heading says, this page is about me (Takes a bow!) . How i am, What i do in my spare time, etc… Go on, indulge!

Currently working in a software company which is nurturing my talent and encouraging me to try out new stuff – be it handheld solutions or graphics related. I enjoy trying out new things and absorbing new technologies. I dig rock and head bang whenever I get the chance…

Most of my weekends are spent surfing action/movie/music channels or joining like-minded friends for a photography shoot – i do this as a source to learn and create some new solution in my professional life. There are countless inspirational sources out there and its upto each one to glean it and use it to their advantage.

F1 is an addiction. I have never missed a race till now and no matter if people disagree with me here, Schumacher is still GOD to me! The attitude and dedication to his career! WOW!


Getting my girlfriend to say yes (now my wife)… no seriously ! Other than that, I think imparting knowledge and creating teaching material has been a major high in my life.

Each time I get a radical solution to my work, I feel good.

At this moment

I have been fortunate to work with good companies since the first break and this has been a enriching experience. If someone were to ask me where I will be 10 years down the line, I would say ‘live for today, not tomorrow’. There are things to do and miles to go before i sleep.